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Doc/DVD-Visions of the Masters-Visions des MaîtresDocumentary VISIONS OF THE MASTERS (30 min/French & English)
How can Yoga transform you & the Spiritual path of any Yogi to reach Self-Transformation.

1 DVD Copy (bilingual): Price= 13.05$+taxes & postal fees (CAD)
Dowloaded version in English= 1 Video (coming up): Price= 8.00$+taxes (CAD)

Visions of the Masters: (teaser)(1m40s)

Training videos of Nicole GRATTON (Expert on Dreams & Sleep)
Directing & Co-production : Doublelight Productions
Each dowloaded version in English (Dreams or Sleep)=
1 Video (coming up): Price= 11.30$+taxes (CAD)

HOW TO DECODE YOUR DREAMS: 42 minute training video:

Training video-Rêves-Dreams
1- The Dream and its Functions
2- Five Categories of Dreams
3- Language of Dreams
4- Memory of Dreams
5- The Dreams Journal
6- Science & Dreams

How to decode your dreams (trailer) (1m53sec)

HOW TO SLEEP WELL: 42 minute training video:
Training video-Sommeil-Sleep
1- Kinds of Sleepers
2- Physiology of Sleep
3- Main Obstacles about Sleeping
4- Allies of Sleep
5- Insomnia and Good ways about Sleeping
6- Science & Sleep

How to sleep well (trailer) (2m11sec)