Krishnamacharya ji-Yogi Master in IndiaIn its creative department, DOUBLELIGHT PRODUCTIONS produces TV-WebTV-WebRadio Magazines & Doc-Series on different topics.

Reflecting touching human stories helping people to make a better place to live in, the audio-visual projects are series of 10-13-20 or 26 shows of 30 min. or 60 min. each (French, English & other versions).

Projects in development:

1- TV-WebTV Magazine/Doc-Series: 100 TYPES of YOGA
Mark Darby-Ashtanga Yoga-Yogi Master in Quebec
The 30 to 60 min. weekly TV-WebTV Magazine or Doc-Series 100 TYPES of YOGA talks about all different types of Yoga, meditations and all other human and emotional stories related to the international industry of YOGA.
Innovative, informative, 100 TYPES of YOGA takes you backstage, through interesting type-news stories, covering all facets of a booming YOGA industry, which keeps growing worldwide.

100 TYPES of YOGA: Demo (1m41s)

Outdoor meditation-Raja Yoga-Catskills-NY-USA2- Webradio Magazine: MYSwebradio/ MEDITATIONS, YOGA & SPIRITUALITY
A great and original one hour weekly Webradio Magazine, in which we talk about any types of Yoga, any spiritual practices and style of meditation and relaxation.

MYSwebradio makes you travel thru interviews with well known personalities (rock stars, movie stars, sport stars and others) practicing a type of YOGA or a specific style of meditation/relaxation.

Rodney Yee-Lotus-Hatha Yoga-USAThe show includes interviews with Yogi Masters and with other specialists; News, human stories, debates, chronicles & critics of New Age musical CDs on meditation, relaxation, and discussions on meditation and yoga retreats.

MYSwebradio: Demo in French (5min)