New bilingual Website for Quebec author, Sonia POIRIER, & her successful book “The last wave of our story”

Doublelight Productions inc. which is already working under a contract of writing and networking for Quebec author, Sonia POIRIER about her fruitful French version book ” The last wave of our story”, is developing a brand new bilingual Website for the novelist and her whole project.

Sonia POIRIER has released during spring 2021 the english version of her literary work, which tells her real tragic story pertaining to her surviving and the drowning of some kins, following some vacations on a lake in September 2018.

The novelist has already initiated writing the continuation of her successful book, still based on her true story.

Networking is still carried on to find out a big producer who will buttress into processing and laying out an audiovisual production based on the real facts of the novelist’s story.

The brand new bilingual Website will be on line over fall 2021.