Networking for future movie or mini-series and doc about big novel: “Last Wave of our story”

Doublelight Productions inc. is proud working with Quebec’s North Coaster successful author, Sonia POIRIER, about ensuring networking for developing eventually a future feature film, a short film or a mini-series and a documentary, following a tragedy she went thru over Fall 2018 and which she tales in her novel “The Last Wave of our Story” (“La Dernière Vague de notre Histoire”).

After penning down some short scenario’s drafts to develop either a movie or a mini-series, and a documentary, the quest to hit a big producer and some directors is lurking over the coming months. A second contract endorsed between Doublelight Productions and the Quebec author constitutes a proof urging further on that level.

Based on her successful novel “The Last Wave of our Story” (« La Dernière Vague de notre Histoire »), the 90 minute movie, the short movie or the mini-series with some episodes, plans to brush over Sonia’s tragic story, alongside her daughter, Félicia, and her friend, Claudia. The three women survived a real drama which occured on Lac Cacaoui, 100km North of Sept-Iles in Quebec’s North Coast, on September 8, 2018.

A factual unthinkable nightmare during which the three women’s pinnace keeled over and caused the demise of Sonia’s husband, Bruno SIMARD, and his brother Lucas SIMARD. Both men’s bodies have never been found.

The movie, the short movie or the mini-series augurs to tale the reality of the three survivors, the two defuncts and some close-knit friends and contributors who came helping the three women crossing over this compelling tragedy, queried by surviving, mourning, acceptation, self-respect, reality daily checks, and the dark sides of social media.

As an attractive teaser, a 60 minute documentary or a short doc could be shot and produced before the movie, the short movie or the mini-series.

Readily sold in bookstores and on line via Quebec publishing house Rubis , Sonia POIRIER’s “The Last Wave of Our Story”, is already getting printed for a fruitful third time in French, and will be available in English version over spring 2021.

Following up her first novel, Sonia POIRIER has already started writing up about a sequel which will tell the years succeeding the mourning and how she came out of that nightmare.

The movie, the short movie or the mini-series, and the documentary, could be released over 2022 or 2023.